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The Management

Kateryna Levkovska – Managing Partner

Kateryna Levkovska – Managing Partner

It was Kateryna’s idea to start offering Export Market Research services. Before founding EMR in 2005, Kateryna worked previously as a Country Manager for a well-known British Marketing and Business Development company; she managed the company’s projects in the Baltic States and in the UK. Kateryna has a Masters Degree in Economics (Project Management and Consulting) from Kyiv National Economic University and more than 10 years work experience in key managerial positions within various sectors including trade, manufacture and consulting in the Baltic States, Russia and the Ukraine. Kateryna co-ordinates and takes part in all EMR projects. Since starting EMR she has gained more extensive experience in managing various market research and business matchmaking projects in various countries of Central and Eastern Europe and in Asia. She can speak several languages including English, Estonian, Ukrainian and Russian. skypelinkedin




Urmas Murumets – Managing Partner

Urmas Murumets – Managing Partner

Urmas is the co-founder of Export Market Research. Before joining the EMR team in 2006 he worked for over 5 years at Tallinn University of Technology, managing various construction and real estate projects, leading a team of more than 70 co-workers. Urmas has a Degree from Tallinn University of Technology and has 20-years of work experience in the areas of construction, trade, real estate and consulting. Urmas takes an active part in EMR projects and co-ordinates our fieldwork team in Estonia and Finland. Urmas can speak Estonian, Russian, Finnish and English. skypelinkedin

Build New Operations with the Help of a Market Research Team

When you want your business to operate in different countries, you need to conduct the right market research. Europe is a vast market for many different business sectors, and a market research consultancy in Europe is the perfect solution to conducting the research you need to identify potential customers, arrange meetings with potential business partners, and even plan visits to the countries where you want to expand your business operations. Export Market Research is a competent team of market researchers, headed by managing partners Kateryna Levkovska and Urmas Murumets.

Export Market Research Uses Consultants In Different Countries

One of the benefits of working with Export Market Research is that we have two to five consultants /offices in each country we service. All of our team members have over a decade of experience in market research and a college degree. Our members speak not only the native language of the country they represent, but they are also fluent in English and at least one or two other languages. Being able to break down a language barrier is important when working with export consultants in Europe because a language barrier can stall business operations and discourage expansion. We remove that barrier by offering a team of researchers who effortlessly connect you with potential business partners or clients.

We Will Arrange Your Visit

It’s not uncommon for export businesses to visit a new operation. When you work with a market research consultant in Europe through our company, we will plan and arrange all details of your business trip. We can make arrangements for your business to attend a trade show, reserve a hotel for you and your employees, arrange meetings between you and potential business partners or clients, and even assist you with understanding licences or fees associated with conducting business in Europe. Our team strives to provide a customised experience for each client, and with over 200 companies happily working with Export Market Research, we think you’ll see why our team is a leader in the export consultancy business.