Business Partner Search & Profiling

Our Business Partner Search service is also a tailor-made solution and a hands-on approach to market entry. This service is designed to assist your company in finding, researching and establishing contact with potential partners in our markets. We conduct a full market scan to identify relevant companies. These can be your potential distributors, JV partners, suppliers, customers, outsourcing partners etc. The work we do during such projects varies from project to project based on the client’s budget, requirements and market objectives, which are discussed before the project is initiated. Usually, our partner search service includes the following main elements:

  • Identifying and selecting relevant local companies;
  • Preparing introduction materials in the local language;
  • Contacting the most suitable potential partners in order to make an introduction to your company and business proposition;
  • Verifying local partners’ relevant skills and qualifications;
  • Collecting their responses to the proposed co-operation;
  • Completing company profiles of selected partners, checking their credentials etc.
  • Preparation of a final report;
  • Meeting Itinerary (when a client wishes to visit the country to meet with potential partners);
  • Assistance during negotiations with potential partners (our consultant can accompany you to your meetings to help with translation and negotiations with potential partners, and organise other on-the-ground assistance you might require during your visit).

At the end of a partner search project our clients receive a final partner search report that summarises our work performed during the project and responses received during communications with potential local partners, provides a short market insight and lists company profiles of the most suitable partners interested in co-operation. The cost of this service depends on the level of detail requested by a client for profiling potential partners and particular service elements included in the project.

Find the Right Business Partner When Entering a New Market

When you want to enter the European market, you will need to locate a number of markets willing to co-operate with your business. You may need a supplier, distributor, operating partner, and of course customers. Export Market Research can help with your business partner search in CEE by conducting a full market scan of available partners and building a detailed report that evaluates the best potential business partners or customer markets.

Customised Business Matchmaking Services

We never use a standard formula when business matchmaking in Europe. We understand that each company is unique and has its own needs and business goals. Our team of market research consultants will meet with you to discuss your objectives and goals before beginning any work on your project. We also take into consideration your budget for the market research and tailor our services to meet your budget. You will never be stuffed into a set market research formula because that’s not the way Export Market Research operates, and we know it’s the least successful way of approaching market research and business matching.

Finding the Right Business Partners

When looking for business collaborations in Europe, our team understands that your final business goals determine how we conduct our market research and which business contacts we make. Whilst our services are based on your needs and budget, we do have a list of services that we offer our clients. Your consultant will contact potential business partners to assess their interest in working with you, create materials in the native language to introduce your company to the market, create final reports regarding the market research, and help you arrange meetings with potential business partners. Don’t rely on a general “Business partner needed in Europe” advertisement to locate partners in your sector. Let Export Market Research do the work for you so that you get the best results