Market Entry Services

Through our local market knowledge and our practical and professional approach, based on extensive experience in various business sectors. Our Team is able to contribute to the successful market entry of companies looking to do business in the countries in which we operate.

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Successfully Enter Into a New Market

Have you been contemplating expanding your business, possibly taking your business international? There are so many components involved with taking your business to the next level, especially when you try to take hold of an international market. The consultants that work for Export Market Research are the professionals you need to help you with your European market entry services like market research, sales analysis, contact introductions, and organising visits to different countries. With our consultants having more than 10 years of experience, you’re guaranteed to get the services you need to help market your business to potential customers and match you to potential business partners or distributors

Customise Your Approach to Market Research

With Export Market Research Ltd., you get a customised approach to market research based on your personal business needs and goals. Each country we service has two to five consultants, so you’re free to establish your exports anywhere from Italy to Finland. Our consultants speak not only the native language of the country they work in, but they also speak English. This helps break down language barriers between you and potential businesses or customers. We are proud to be one of the B2B market research companies that offer our clients the opportunity to experience international expansion without setbacks.

Market Reports and Business Development

When you utilise our services, we will create timely market reports that detail the findings of our research. Whether you want to know if there is a demand for your product or service in a certain area or want a listing of potential business connections who are interested in working with you, our team will gather the data and present it to you in a format that’s easy to evaluate. As one of the premier companies that do market research for export businesses, EMR will competently help you with business development so that you have a seamless transition into the European market.