Online education market in Russia

September 2020 – the Export Market Research team in Russia successfully completed a study of the Russian online education market. The project was commissioned by a Finnish online education company.

The main task of this market study was to map the Russian market of online education and to establish who the main competitors are and what kind of online education products they offer. Furthermore, to estimate the market size and to find out who would be interested in the courses offered by the client. Also how much they are ready to pay and what would be a reasonable price for the Client’s product in Russia. And, finally, how to approach the market.

As a result, Export Market Research have identified all of the required market information and made recommendations regarding the Russian market entry. According to the main findings of this market study, the Russian market of online education is well-saturated, with a large number of both local and foreign players. Overall, the current situation of the online education market in Russia looks promising. The volume of the B2C segment reached RUB 38.5 billion (ca €430 million) in 2019. The market is expected to grow at 12-15% per year exceeding RUB 60 billion (ca €680 million) by the end of 2023.