Quick facts:

Territory 449,964 km2
Population 9.55 million (2013)
Currency Swedish krona (SEK)
Capital Stockholm
Official language Swedish. Finish and 4 other languages are officially recognised as minority languages and English is widely spoken.
Memberships UN, EU, OECD
Real GDP per capita 35,300 EUR per inhabitant (2012)
Growth of GDP, % 1.0% (2012). Forecast: 1.1% in 2013, 2.8% in 2014, 3.5% in 2015
Average gross salary 28800 SEK / ca 3,358 EUR (2012)
VAT rate 25% – general rate; reduced rates: 12% and 6%. Read more
Company Income Tax 22% Read more
Phone code +46
Top domain .se

Sweden is a Scandinavian country located in Northern Europe. It borders with Norway and Denmark and is connected to Denmark by a bridge tunnel.  The country is the 3rd largest in the EU by area and has one of the most advanced economies in the world. Politically, Sweden is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democratic government.

Sweden enjoys top rankings in various international ranking systems. For example, in 2012, the World Economic Forum ranked Sweden as the 4th most competitive country in the world. In 2013, it ranked 2nd in the world on the Democracy Index. In 2013, The Economist declared that the Nordic countries headed by Sweden “are probably the best-governed in the world”.  Also in 2013, The Reputation Institute declared Sweden to be the world’s 2nd most reputable country.

Being a technologically and economically advanced country, Sweden holds strong positions within various technology and industry sectors including Energy & Environmental Technology,  IT & Communications, Healthcare & Life science, Metals & Mining, Engineering & Packaging, Bio-based Materials, Construction & Infrastructure, E-Commerce & Retail Solutions, Tourism & Hospitality and many others.

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